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Kwik Klip Safety Pin Tool

The Kwik Klip is the perfect tool for basting quilts with safety pins.

• Made with a ergonomic hardwood handle and a solid machined brass tip
• Safety pins open and close effortlessly (video)
• Basting is easier for those with arthritic hands to baste without pain
• Reduces basting time and ends bunching
• Insert and remove safety pins faster and easier
• Ends sore fingers
• Prevents broken fingernails and, stuck fingers (blood on quilts)
• Quilting for children is easier and safer, as fingers are never near the sharp safety pin point.
• Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty

  • Made of: Brass and Wood
  • Use: Safety Pin Closing Tool / Pinning aid
  • Tool Size: 1in x 6in
  • Includes: One Tool